Style Arc Lacey Kids Dress Sewing Pattern Ages 1 - 8 (paper pattern)

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Product Description:

  • Knit or woven slip on dress
  • Sits slightly above the waist
  • Easy fit
  • In seam pockets
  • Extended shoulder line
  • Short sleeve can be worn straight or rolled up

Fabric Suggestions:

Knit – jersey and baby wool

Woven – rayon, silk and cotton.

Fabric Estimates: (FABRIC WIDTH 148cm/58in)

Main Fabric:   

Ages 1-3: 0.75m/0.82yds

Ages 4-5: 1m/1.10yds

Ages 6-8: 1.15m/1.25yds

Contrast Fabric Estimate for middle bodice: (FABRIC WIDTH 90cm/36”)

All Ages: 0.30m/0.33yds

Trim: For woven version only 1 x button 10mm