Adhesive Clear Transfer Paper Tape Roll With Blue Grid Lines For Vinyl 30 x 100cm

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Adhesive Clear Transfer Paper Tape Roll With Blue Grid Lines For Vinyl Decals Medium Tack DIY

* The surface layer is paper/clear PVC , in the middle is moderate viscosity adhesive, the bottom layer is peel-off paper.Paper application tape is aid to transfer cutting sticky vinyl to your chosen surface,they all can reuse until viscosity lose.The paper one can go in print machine ,but not suitable for clear one.The paper is easy to use and that is used by professionals,if you have never used before please select the clear one which is easy for those haven't used before.
* Not too sticky that you can't transfer your designs, but sticky enough to easily lift your project and transfer it to your surface Effortless, our transfer tape for vinyl is trouble-free and user-friendly for all project, even more smaller works.
* Our vinyl transfer tape roll is designed to work with Indoor/Outdoor Adhesive Vinyl .But it can't work with GLITTER VINYL or HTV. Easy transfer to any smooth surfaces like sign stickers, windows, walls, ceramics, glass, etc.
* Condition: Brand New
* Material: PET
* Color: Clear
* Viscosity: Medium
* Elasticity: Non-elastic
* Size: 30cm*100cm
* 1. The paper is divided into two layers, one is transparent and sticky, and the other is white paper.
* 2. When using, uncover the white base,the transparent paper with adhesive surface facing up and cover the surface of the hot drawing pattern.
* 3. Cover back the white base paper and, in turn, check the sticking of the drill
Package Included:
* 1 Roll x 30cm*100cm Transfer Tape