30cm x 50cm Holographic Heat Transfer Vinyl

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30cm x 50cm Holographic Heat Transfer Vinyl / Iron-on 

PRICE IS PER 30 x 50 cm Sheet

* Reliable material: made of quality PET material, thinner and stronger, flexible and durable, safe to use, harmless to skin, not easy to break or fade when applied correctly, and can withstand repeated washing

* Instructions: cut the holographic heat transfer vinyl into the pattern or letter you want, and put it on the clothes, and then wait for the temperature of the hot press to reach 150-160 centigrade, iron for 10-15 seconds, or iron with an iron, cool and peel, and finally the clothes will have beautiful laser patterns

* iron-on holographic HTV sheets are suitable for most basic fabrics; Such as cotton, polyester and cotton fabrics, you can applied the vinyls on T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, hats, and other clothes


* Material: PET
* Thickness: 0.28mm
* Size: 30cm*50cm
* Color: Red/Blue/Yellow/Green/Pink

Wash Instructions:
* Turn garment inside out.
* Machine wash cold with mild detergent.
* NO bleach.
* Dry at a normal dryer setting on household machines (Do not dry clean).
* Instructions apply to the material only, please follow garment washing instructions as well.